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Are you an A+ Procrastinator?

Monday, November 15th, 2010

We all do it from time to time.  We avoid unpleasant, but important work by spending time doing trivial unimportant tasks.   Instead of tackling that report, you might find yourself rearranging your desk or filing the items in your inbox while you watch television.

This avoidance behavior becomes a problem when it becomes a habit.  We begin to miss important deadlines, are late for meetings, find ourselves running out of time and wondering what we have accomplished each day.

So, what do we do to beat procrastination?  First of all, recognize it is a habit that we need to change.  The second step is to begin changing the habit by:

  • Use “micro actions”- do just a little bit of the most unpleasant task first
  • reward yourself when you complete a task you have been putting off
  • ask others to support you in changing your procrastination habit

With purposeful planning and execution of your time, you can kick the procrastination habit to the curb!